News article in Mississippi reports T’ai Chi Chih benefits

“With gentle gestures and quiet rocking motions, the class battles with vertigo, arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and stress.”

Learn more about the benefits of T’ai Chi Chih in this new newspaper article describing TCC classes taught by Ron Richardson, Stephen Thompson and Margaret Baker in Mississippi!

More from the article by journalist Michaela Morris:

“In the years Ron Richardson has been leading T’ai Chi Chih classes like the one at First Presbyterian Church in Tupelo, his students have told him the practice has improved their balance, lowered their blood pressure and relieved their pain. ‘People really have to be committed to learning the movements,’ Richardson said. But when they do, ‘they often see great benefits.’”

“‘The movements are so slow and graceful,’ said Stephen Thompson, who leads a community practice group at Lee Acres park in Tupelo. ‘They’re done very easily.’”

“Instructor Margaret Baker, who hopes to establish a free community class in Verona, said … the practice has improved her balance and given her a sense of calm.”

To learn more about the health benefits of T’ai Chi Chih, find academic research articles documenting improvements, and locate a TCC teacher in your geographic area, visit the TCC website.

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As TCC originator Justin Stone said, “Just do T’ai Chi Chih and let your own experience convince you.”

Some people are encouraged by academic literature that provides a medical case for practicing T’ai Chi Chih. Others are inspired by newspaper, magazine, TV and Web accounts of the health benefits others have gained. Still others learn by word-of-mouth about TCC from friends and families who take classes. The most powerful way to come to understand TCC, however, is by taking a class with an accredited teacher so that the movement of energy can be felt first-hand.

On the TCC website, teachers and students describe the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual changes they have experienced, many within a few days or weeks of beginning classes. The effects of the practice are cumulative, so many health improvements take place over time.

Migraine headaches lessen and even disappear. Joint pain ceases. Happiness increases. Peacefulness pervades. Blood pressure comes down and joy goes up. Everyone’s experience is different, but most report positive changes.

Technically speaking, TCC practice allows the essential energy, or Chi, that moves within us all to circulate and balance. That in turn improves our health and sense of well-being.

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