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What Is T’ai Chi?

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient martial arts form, and when literally translated means “Supreme Ultimate Fist”.

Upon further examination the term “Supreme Ultimate” or “Taiji” or “Taijitu” in ancient chinese philosophy refers to the oh so recognizable symbol “Yin and Yang”.

When you look at the yin yang symbol, it seems to invokes a sense and balance and ultimate potential in all things, and this is precisely what the art of T’ai Chi attempts to instill in those who practice it.

With its graceful and slowly flowing movements, Tai Chi resembles but is quite different than its martial art cousins like Karate, and Judo.

Is T’ai Chi for Combat or Exercise?

While fully able to be utilized as a combative martial art, T’ai Chi has two other obvious benefits, health and meditation.

Those who are unable to exercise easily due injury, age or other restrictions may enjoy Tai’Chi’s low impact and freely flowing movements.

At the same time, while gently focusing on the poses and forms ones senses begin to deepen and the perception of one’s consciousness slowly expands.

Practicing T’ai Chi is meditative, low impact and GOOD FOR YOU!

T’ai Chi is the perfect way for you to get up and get moving, while at the same time putting the demands of the hectic world on hold…and enjoying a few moments exercising your body while relaxing your mind.

T’ai Chi Videos

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